What can a father do if mother breaks court order and he is paying his support?

Answer Return to court and file a contempt against her explaining which court order she is violating.

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What legal issues are there if a father is found not to be the biological father and has been paying court-ordered support Will mother have to reimburse support court costs incurred by father?

Depends on the state you live in.. what about the state of Maine there has never been DNA test nor did the father know about birth until couple years later.

Can the father still have visitation if he is not paying child support but has a court order to pay?

AnswerVisitation and child support are two different things. Legally you can't keep your child from visiting the father on that charge. Some fathers have gotten modified change of custody orders be... Read More »

If there is not a court order for sole custody of a child and the mother is behind in child support can the father take the child out of the US without permission from the mother or the court?

Answer Obtaining a passport for a minor in the US requires both parents. You'd would have to get a court order giving you custody. More Conributor Opinions Being granted sole legal custody does n... Read More »

If a father has the right to joint custody but mother will now allow visits what can the father do if he is paying child support on a regular basis?

Answer Go to the "Clerk of Court" office in your city and ask them how to file a complaint with the court. You can probably handle it yourself without hiring an attourny