What can a credit card company do?

Answer Even if you pay your credit card bills on time, a credit card company can take actions that impact your ability to use the account. If you fail to pay your account on time, creditors can take addit... Read More »

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Can a credit card company decrease your credit line?

A credit card company can indeed reduce your credit limit or even cancel your card at anytime. This can happen even if you've never been late on a bill if the company decides that it is in its best... Read More »

Can a credit card company cancel my card?

Credit card companies reserve the right to cancel your card due to a number of reasons, such as inactivity, repeated late payments, defaulting on payments or negative information from a credit repo... Read More »

What does APR mean when receiving a credit card from a company?

According to Bank of America, APR is an abbreviation for annual percentage rate, which determines the annual cost of your credit. Unlike interest rates, APR factors in other fees that occur within ... Read More »

Who is the largest credit card company?

The world's largest credit card issuer is Visa International, Inc., more commonly referred to as Visa. Visa cards are issued and used worldwide; Visa also has many types of specialty-store credit c... Read More »