What can Siri do Help Please!?

Answer No you can't use Siri for that kinda stuff yet, it can help you locate stores which sell dresses, but if you're too specific Siri won't be able to process your request. You can always try google th... Read More »

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Where is Siri on my new iPhone 4S?

it is easy all you have to do is hold down the lock button until the microphone appears

Can you get Siri on iTouch 4G?

No, I'm afraid you can't. The built-in service 'Siri' is exclusive to the iPhone 4S, Apple's latest iPhone. However, the iTouch 4G has 'voice control', which allows you to control your music experi... Read More »

Can you use siri for iPhone 3GS?

I dont think you can use siri only the iphone 4 can by holding the home button

How do you get siri on IPhone 4?

You can but it requires jailbreaking an iPod touch or iPhone 4 on IOS 5. I you would like to get it you will have to wait a bit because there is only 1 website that tells you how to do it. But if y... Read More »