What can I use to replace the stuffing in couch pillows?

Answer Couch pillows are made using foam rubber or a synthetic cotton stuffing. This gives the couch pillow its shape and provides cushioning for when you sit down. After time and use, this stuffing needs... Read More »

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What Pillows Go With a Brown Couch?

Even though brown is a basic, neutral color, furniture in this hue doesn't have to look bland and boring. You can make your brown sofa appear contemporary or glamorous by adding throw pillows in a ... Read More »

How to Clean Couch Pillows?

Couch pillows, especially ones used everyday, attract dirt, bacteria, dust, mold and mites. Even decorative throw pillows are susceptible; so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis, too. Couch ... Read More »

How do I clean couch pillows?

CoversSpot clean sewn-on pillows or delicate materials such as lace or suede. Use a damp warm rag and clothing detergent to dab and lift the spots from the pillows. Remove the covers from all couch... Read More »

Can couch pillows be restuffed?

Couch pillows are normally filled with a cottony material called batting. Overtime, the batting in couch pillows flattens and loses its spring. They can be re-stuffed with new batting, which is sol... Read More »