What can I use to clean battery acid out of the charger?

Answer My husband says you should dispose of it and buy a new one because it could cause a fire.

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Can a gel charger be used on a lead-acid battery?

Gel chargers are compatible with gel cell batteries, a subtype of lead-acid batteries. Gel cell batteries are sensitive to charging voltage and require specialized chargers, but depending on the i... Read More »

How to Clean Acid on a Corroded Battery?

Car batteries require maintenance from time to time. Grease, dirt and acid may accumulate around the battery case, posts and terminal, preventing the charge from flowing adequately to the powered e... Read More »

How do I clean battery acid from a carpet?

Create a solution that contains 1 tbsp. baking soda to 1 qt. warm water; allow the baking soda to dissolve before use. Spread the solution over the battery acid, then blot out the excess with a cle... Read More »

How to Clean Acid Residue from Car Battery Terminals?

As the battery in your car or light truck charges and discharges, it creates gases that escape through the vents in the top of the battery. As the gases escape, an acid residue also escapes and car... Read More »