What can I use to attach posters to the wall?

Answer Posters are a staple of the decorating scheme for bedrooms, living rooms, basements and even classrooms. Yet sometimes it feels like you're defying the laws of physics when you try to get them to s... Read More »

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How can I attach posters to my wall?

There is a product that looks like a putty or gum. I think they call it mastic. It comes in a small plastic tube, & you pull out a wad of this stuff, break it into four smaller pieces, squash them ... Read More »

If you take posters off your wall where else can you put them?

What is something safe I can use to put posters on my wall?

Its safe if it doesn't get too hot! If it gets really hot and humid (tropical island hot and humid) then the stuff will leave grease marks on both your wall and your poster. In a regular climate ... Read More »

How do i hang posters on a wall?

Unroll your poster and flatten it. A simple way to do this is to place heavy books on the four corners of the poster and let it sit for a few hours in order to flatten it completely. If you are fra... Read More »