What can I use instead of raw sugar?

Answer Raw sugar is not really raw, just less refined, according to an investigation by ABC News. It can be substituted with other types of sugars or sugar substitutes, although the exact type of recipe m... Read More »

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Can you use brown sugar instead of regular white sugar when making a cake?

On One Hand: White Sugar Creates Fine Crumbled TexturesTraditional schools of thought refrain from substituting sugars when special sugars are called for. There are many types of sugars valued for ... Read More »

Can you use icing sugar instead of sugar for lemon pie meringue?

Substitute 1 3/4 cups powered sugar for each 1 cup of granulated sugar listed in the meringue recipe. Powdered sugar may produce a glossy meringue with a low volume. The cornstarch in powdered suga... Read More »

What can be used instead of brown sugar?

Virtually any sweetener, such as granulated sugar, honey, maple syrup or molasses, can be used in place of brown sugar. Adjustments must be made, however, for differences in weight, sweetness, mois... Read More »

I have no caster sugar for baking what could I use instead?

What are you making? I've never used caster sugar and you can find lots of recipes with normal sugar. If ever, the following site has lots of delicious recipes. Read More »