What can I use instead of a souffle dish?

Answer The straight high sides of a souffle dish make it easier for a souffle to rise. Small ramekin dishes or a deep baking tin will also work. Lining the sides with parchment paper will help a frozen so... Read More »

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How to Prepare a Cold Souffle Dish?

A cold souffle cannot rely on air to help it to rise in the way that a hot souffle does, hence it needs the sides of the dish it's in to help it reach upward. This article explains how to prepare a... Read More »

How to Use a Dutch Oven Instead of a Casserole Dish?

A campout wouldn't be complete without the savory smell of meat, slow-cooked in a dutch oven surrounded with hot coals. Modern cooks are taking dutch oven cooking to a whole new level. With convers... Read More »

Why should you get Dish Network instead of cable?

There are pros and cons to having Dish and for having cable. Cable does not have as many channels to choose from or DVR. But, during storms Dish goes out a lot.

What is a souffle cup?

Souffle cups are really molds and are available in porcelain or as paper disposable molds. Souffle cups are typically oven-proof and designed with flat sides to allow cake to rise over the edge. Th... Read More »