What can I use instead of a souffle dish?

Answer The straight high sides of a souffle dish make it easier for a souffle to rise. Small ramekin dishes or a deep baking tin will also work. Lining the sides with parchment paper will help a frozen so... Read More »

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How to Prepare a Cold Souffle Dish?

A cold souffle cannot rely on air to help it to rise in the way that a hot souffle does, hence it needs the sides of the dish it's in to help it reach upward. This article explains how to prepare a... Read More »

What is a souffle cup?

Souffle cups are really molds and are available in porcelain or as paper disposable molds. Souffle cups are typically oven-proof and designed with flat sides to allow cake to rise over the edge. Th... Read More »

Why does a souffle fall?

The beating of the egg whites causes air, in the form of tiny bubbles, to be trapped in the egg foam; as the soufflé bakes, the air expands, causing the soufflé to puff dramatically. When the sou... Read More »

How to Make an Eggplant Souffle?

Fresh EggplantsTry this fast, cheap & extremely delicious plate.Eggplant plates are not the same any more. This plate can be served vegetarian or with minced beef. Share the fun of cooking with one... Read More »