What can I use if I do not have a roasting rack?

Answer On One Hand: Use Common Household ProductsIf you find yourself with a meal to roast, but no roasting rack, simply use tinfoil. Grab several sheets of foil and twist them into a long rope. Then, spi... Read More »

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Is a trivet a roasting rack?

Some trivets can be used that way but perhaps it is better to say roasting racks make good trivets. It is important to understand what the trivet is made of. Most trivets are simple insulators desi... Read More »

Does an electric skillet have a thermostat to control the temperature used for frying and roasting and pan broiling and stewing and simmering?

What is a roasting pan substitute?

A roasting pan is primarily used for cooking large pieces of meat, but if one is not available, a broiling pan can be substituted. The broiling pan needs to have a removable rack. Another substitut... Read More »

What is a shallow roasting pan?

One piece of cookware that almost every kitchen benefits from is a shallow roasting pan. Made heavy for baking in the oven and cooking on top of the stove, most shallow roasting pans have low sides... Read More »