What can I substitute for fennel bulb?

Answer According to "The Cook's Thesaurus," the crunch and flavor of fennel bulb can be replicated by several different methods. Substitute an even amount of Belgian endive for the fennel bulb and add 1 t... Read More »

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What is a fennel bulb?

All of the fennel plant is edible, from the seeds and flowers down to the large white bulb it grows from, which is called a fennel bulb.TasteFennel bulb tastes slightly like licorice, with a faint ... Read More »

Can I grow fennel from the bulb?

Fennel is very versatile; it is almost like a weed. If the root is not trimmed off, it will probably grow. It will not be necessary to soak it unless it has really dried up. You probably know that ... Read More »

I am looking for a seasoning substitute for any type of seaweed product for making a vegan fish substitute.?

Old bay makes quite a few seafood seasonings. There are many , but these can be found in any supermarket. Anything natural thats going to give it a "seaweed" taste like nori, kelp, wakame, etcc. co... Read More »

Where can I get those penny-sized things that fit between a bulb and a socket to extend the life of the bulb?

If you want to save money in the long run (both in energy and bulb life) then spend the couple extra bucks on fluorescent. I work in a courthouse and have a guaranteed savings of 30% (on lighting ... Read More »