What can I say to my 5yo so that he won't freak out about going to the doctor?

Answer Tell him that you will get the shots too. I am sure that you might be due for a booster for Tetnus. I did that for my son and he saw that it was not that bad for me. Then we both went to Dairy Quee... Read More »

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How to fake a fever that even the doctor wont know u are faking it?

I don't know about your doctor, but my doctor takes my temperature by putting a thing in my ear. It takes your temperature in one second and is impossible to fool.You'd be better off if you vomited... Read More »

Im going out drinking tonight. What can I drink before hand to coat my stomach so it wont burn going down?

milk with some antiacids...but, how's about you just don't get drunk? oooooh! there's a good idea!

Besides going to see a doctor, does anyone know how I would go about removing a wood splinter from my finger?

not really much you can do at this point besides seek medical attention-your body would have already removed it by itself. do NOT try to "fish or dig" it out on your own-you could push the splinter... Read More »

I am about to turn 13 and i want to do something fun for my party what are fun ideas that involve going out?

MoviesShopping at the mallGoing out to eatSkating Hair/ Nail SalonMini Concert