What can I put on a dog's skin that is itching?

Answer Dogs commonly scratch themselves to relieve itching. Sometimes a health problem makes a dog's skin itch constantly. Applying certain products to the dog's skin brings relief and reduces the itch.Ca... Read More »

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Remedies for Itching in Dogs?

The skin and coat of your dog is typically the first place you will notice any problems or discomfort your dog may be suffering. Dogs can suffer from allergies, dandruff and other skin lumps or les... Read More »

Excessive Itching in Dogs?

If you think watching your dog constantly scratching and biting at itself is annoying, think about how uncomfortable your dog must be. Although a variety of reasons can explain excessive itching in... Read More »

Natural Remedies for Itching Dogs?

There are many reasons your dog may have itchy skin. Common reasons are poor nutrition, dry skin, allergies, mange, yeast infections or insect bites. The itchiness could also be the sign of an unde... Read More »

Remedies for Itching Paws in Dogs?

You may have noticed lately that your dog seems to be constantly licking his paws. This is usually a sign of itching or irritation. Typically the causes of itching on the paws are not serious and... Read More »