What can I make with these?

Answer go to a web site called taste of home they have an easy recipe with a 5 star rating for creamy caramel flan,

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What can I make with these few ingredients ?…This site is great for finding recipies and the link I've provided above is perfect for searching by ingredients. Personally, with the items you listed, I... Read More »

What can I make with these ingredients?

Chop up the onion and put that and the carrots and celery and chopped garlic into a hot skillet with the butter and stir fry it till the vegetables are tender. Sprinkle with salt and eat. You can... Read More »

Stump The Cook: What To Make With These Ingrediants . . . .Potatoes,?

Dice potatoes and pan-sear, adding mushrooms, corn, and tomatoes once the potatoes are cookedPuree the cucumber, beat together with an egg, heat in a saucepan with finely diced spicy peppers. Add a... Read More »

Creative cooks, what can a hungry college kid make with these limited ingredients?

You can make a sweet egg sandwich!Toast and butter the bread, put a slice of cheese on it.Cook two eggs sunny side up or over easy in some butter, you want the yoke for this sammy. Salt and pepper ... Read More »