What can I make a tooth filling from?

Answer try some white milliput available in all good craft stores... just wedeg it in and then put some PTFE tape in your mouth and bite down.. carefully remove the excess and try not to swallow!sets in a... Read More »

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I had a filling in my tooth yesturday and i still can't eat on the side of my mouth i had the filling.?

As many other respondents have already said It sounds as if there is still a problem there, possibly the hole was not completely filled or a nerve left to near to the air giving you trouble.Answer... Read More »

What should you do if you had one wisdom tooth removed and they tried to fix the other one by putting a filling on it instead of doing a root canal and you still have a lot of pain from it?

Answer You have me wondering why ANY dentist would putting a filling in a wisdom tooth instead of pulling it. If you still have a lot of pain from it and the tooth was filled it sounds like there w... Read More »

What could be causing my tooth pain after getting a filling?

If its only sensitive to COLD drinks, it will go away.If the pain comes on BITING, you need to be re assessed as the filling may be high.Your dentist will be able to tell you if the cavity was deep... Read More »

Do I need a tooth filling!?

Sounds like it, iv had similar. It aches because there is a small part of the nerve exposed so whenever you eat, hot cold or sweet, it irritates the nerve. It will probably be filled depending how ... Read More »