What can I give my dog for an ear infection?

Answer If your dog scratching its ears often, having trouble with its balance or has a discharge coming from its ear, your dog could have an ear infection. Sometimes dogs can become aggressive because of ... Read More »

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Will tampons give you an infection?

Yes. But that's only if the company who made them are a bad one or the tampon is not clean

Why don't flu shots give people a flu infection?

Because the infectious agent (the flu virus) contained in the vaccine is either "dead"/inactivated (for the injected types) or weakened/attenuated but "alive." Neither can make you sick, but it can... Read More »

Can i give baby a bath if he has an ear infection?

No. If you wanna give him a bath, use wipes, that way, his or her ear will be safe! And there will be less danger of have even more damage done to the ear then there is already

Can men carry a yeast infection&give it back to a woman?

Yeast infections from Candida albicans in men are very possible. Couples may pass it back and forth unless both are treated effectively and simultaneously. Treatment in males may consist of antifun... Read More »