What can I eat on the 3rd day after getting my wisdom teeth out?

Answer Oh god, meat on second day...yogurths, smoothies, mashed potato, soups of all kinds of varieties, jello, pudding - that's what's safe for you.

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What can you eat a week after getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled?

Try.... Campbells Soup at hand yogurt pudding applesauce.Answer I like Ramen Noodles,Oodles of Noodles-stuff like that works great, just dont eat it when its too hot. A wendy's frosty sounds great,... Read More »

What are the chances of getting a dry socket after wisdom teeth extraction if you smoke?

Smokers have a raised chance of dry socket. Dry socket is an extremely painful condition, one to avoid. In simple terms, smoking makes the socket less able to heal, and vulnerable to infection. Avo... Read More »

What to do if i have a sharp pain after getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

It's really common to feel a lot of pain. It was almost excruciating. Take your pain meds, drink milkshakes and stay away from food you have to chew for a little while. It sucks but eventually it w... Read More »

When can I eat hot sauce after getting wisdom teeth out?

No one told me I couldn't use hot sauce when I got mine out... I don't recall having any issues past a couple of days with anything burning in my mouth -- that or I just lived with it (it was a whi... Read More »