What can I drink that is healthy to substitute soda?

Answer I am going through the same thing! I basically said I could have anything that wasn't soda. It was easier for me to first switch to carbonated energy drinks, then I switched to more juices, tea and... Read More »

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What happens if you drink 2 cans of soda a day Also what is something that I can replace soda with?

Your urine will turn dark yellow & have a abnormal smell. Just drink water.

Healthy, sweet drink that's cheap to replace drinking soda?

Well, why don't you make yourself a drink, all natural fruity drink! I'll show you, just Sqeeze out abt ten oranges, 3 lemons and add ginger juice/water to it. Don't add any sugar, refrigerate the ... Read More »

What to substitute baking soda with in a recipe that needs baking powder too?

You could try whipping the egg white with the sugar to get some lift.

Is it safe to drink expired soda that has orange pulp and bits in it?

Six months is not a short time. Better avoid it.