What can I do with this hedgehog I found I was thinking of having it for dinner?

Answer How To.....BBQ A Hedgehog 1) Buy a large live Hedgehog from any good retail store (Tesco’s are currently offering 2 for 1)2) Light the BBQ and leave until it reaches maximum temperature3) Pluck t... Read More »

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What are we having for dinner if I am to eat with you this evening?

I'll disappoint you, it was pizza tonight ! Vegetarian of course. It was called a "Scarpeta", with eggs, mozzarella, zucchinis and grilled eggplants. With a green salad and a banana for dessert.

What is everyone having for dinner this evening?

How to Care for a Hedgehog with Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome?

This article is dedicated to a hedgehog named Ivy, who has WHS.WHS is Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, a progressive, degenerative neurological disease that affects African pygmy hedgehogs and European he... Read More »

I'm thinking of having my tubes tied but I think I want another child. Will this be a problem?

No. I always see stray children running around Walmart. Just take one home and clean it might turn out to be a decent kid.