What can I do with old ink cartridges besides throw them out?

Answer Turn them into Office Max, you can get a free pack of paper, schools and charity organizations usually recyle them and get paid a few dollars for each.

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Besides lining them up on the fence and bustin' out my glock, what should I do with all these damn Chia Pets..?

Like the above guy said, re-gift them. They're perfect for the office Secret Santa thing, since the recipient won't know who to hate. Or do what I do and take them to Goodwill, you can deduct the f... Read More »

What foods have caffeine in them besides tea and chocolate?

Bottled beverages (12 oz)Red bull 115.5Jolt 72Mountain Dew 55Diet Coke 45Dr. Pepper 41Coca Cola ClassicCoffee (8 oz)Brewed 80–135Instant 65–100Decaf brew 3–4Tea (8 oz)Iced 47Brewed 40–60Ins... Read More »

Besides sticking to your eyelashes and then ripping half of them out, what is an eyelash curler for?

You can use them as pretend forceps when Barbie is giving birth to Midges husbands baby.

Do HP 93 cartridges have chips in them?

Th HP 93 tri-color inkjet cartridge does not contain a chip. There are sensors on the outside of the back of the cartridge that come into contact with the printer and regulate the amount of ink use... Read More »