What can I do with an old laminated bookcase?

Answer An old laminated bookcase may seem like an eyesore, but there are countless ways to refurbish it, use it for storage or to build other projects. As long as the sides and shelves are sturdy, a book... Read More »

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What is a Danner bookcase?

A bookcase that is now considered an expensive, rare antique, the Danner bookcase first appeared in mail-order catalogs in the late 19th century. Economical and space-saving, the Danner bookcase sp... Read More »

What does the phrase "bookcase speakers" mean?

They are usually called "bookshelf" speakers. That just means they are small enough to place on a bookshelf.

What do you call a bookcase that you open the doors up or down?

A bookcase with doors that open up or down is called a barrister bookcase. A barrister bookcase is designed to protect important books and documents from dust and light while allowing easy access t... Read More »

What Is Laminated Timber?

Laminated lumber is made of pieces of lumber that are sandwiched and glued together. Laminated lumber can create larger lumber from smaller pieces. Laminated lumber can also be shaped or curved dur... Read More »