What can I do when my school has already given me what they can in aid?

Answer Start out by going to your schools financial aid office and ask tell them your situation. It is their job to help; if they don't want to help remind them of that. I had the exact same problem las... Read More »

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What causes people to keep eating when they are already full?

Food addiction. Yes, people can be addicted to food. The same way alcoholics continue to drink even after they know they have had enough to drink. The urge to drink even more is just to powerful. A... Read More »

What do u buy someone 4 their house warming when they already have everthing.?

a great smelling candle, candle holders, a house plant, a nice wreath for thier front door, a matt for the front door, a serving platter, some frames for their may think they have ever... Read More »

What happens to kings in recess when they go to middle school will they still be kings?

Why do some people get sick when they are given a vaccine?

Most all medications can affect each individual in various ways, vaccines are no different. Vaccines evoke an immune system response by introduction of the culprit organism to your body through the... Read More »