What can I do to support a close friend who has just lost her husband?

Answer Dealing with the loss of a husband is extremely difficult for the grieving widow, and to a much lesser extent, it can be difficult for her close friends. It's hard to know what to do or say to some... Read More »

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Your 13 year old friend just had sex and may be pregnant what can you do to help and support her?

Answer Encourage her to carry this baby to term and give it up for adoption so she can have a normal life and get her education. This baby would also have a chance at a normal life. Support her by... Read More »

What should I do my brothers really close friend just died and I dont know how to comfort him without him yelling at me?

How to Make Your Close Friend Like You As More Than a Friend?

It is really depressing when one of your close friends of the opposite sex is beginning to appeal to you more. It changes the way you feel about them, and everyone around you. You may be beginning ... Read More »

How to find a lost phone number of a lost friend?

Sorry about your phone. The only easiest thing I can think of is to visit them personally or to contact common friends and find out numbers from them. If not, you might have to search them at vario... Read More »