What can I do to stop squirrels chewing plastic shutters?

Answer Squirrels are cute little animals. But despite their small size, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. They are members of the rodent family. Squirrels have adapted easily to humans and ... Read More »

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Squirrels are chewing up my to stop?

I have had problems with those pesky animals. You can buy spray at Home Depot or hardware stores that are made especially for squirrels. It stinks though. Also, if you can put moth balls near you... Read More »

Squirrels are eating my plastic planters. How can I stop them?

Squirrels will chew on just about anything. It is almost impossible to stop them. They chewed on the lead flashing on our plumbing vents on the roof. We had to put expanded metal over the vents to ... Read More »

Can you paint plastic shutters?

If you have plastic shutters that are in good condition but the paint has faded or become chalky, they can be repainted. Because most of these shutters are made of vinyl, selecting the right paint ... Read More »

Will a plastic owl scare squirrels?

Owls are a natural predator of squirrels, and plastic owl decoys can be used to scare squirrels and other unwanted pests away from your yard. An owl decoy should be placed somewhere highly visible,... Read More »