What can I do to prevent myself from using the computer so much?

Answer Get outside! Stop adding virtual friends and call up some of your real friends to go out for coffee or something.

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How do i prevent myself from using my computer?

Just tell yourself you need a break. Go outside get fresh air and some exercise. Get someone to distract you. What you have is eyestrain. Its temporary and your eyes won't be damaged but getting a ... Read More »

How do i prevent hackers on my computer?

in the end nothing can stop a dedicated hacker. What you can do is make sure that you delete all of your cookies and internet history. Have a few firewalls (which you can get easily) pay for securi... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Computer from Freezing?

It is not really recommended to take your computer outdoors in sub-zero temperatures but some of us are biologists, explorers, Inuit, ice fishers and addicts who simply must take the computer along... Read More »

How do I prevent computer crashes?

Keep your computer clean. The best way to prevent computer crashes is to avoid junk. Don't install programs you don't need. Free up space on your computer on a regular basis to make sure you always... Read More »