What do you do on the internet to pass the time?

Answer Check out all my kids and grandkids sites on myspace. Read the local newspaper online. Enter online contests at local radio stations.

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What can I do To Pass Time Im sick....?

girl you and I both. its strep btw =) ive been drawing today! and eating popsicles non stop

What can I do to pass the time when I'm bored at work?

What can I do (anything but my husband please) to pass the time while pregnant?

I crocheted vast quantities of bedspreads, darling...and guess what everyone got for Christmas!?!I also read a lot, napped (since it was my first and I didn't have to take care of any other kids), ... Read More »

What happens if a navy recruit does not pass battle stations the first time?

You Re-do it. I have been out of boot camp for a long time but I can tell you that if you work as a team, pay attention to detail, and listen to all instructions you will be fine.