What can I do to make my upper back stronger?

Answer Hi Rita, try either Pilates or Yoga with a trainer or in a class. Be sure to tell them about your issues. Both of these can be used to target & strengthen individual muscles with low impact!Blessings!

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Sudden upper chest and upper middle back pain when inhaling or moving?

Pain in the chest, accompanied by a deep cough is usually a sign of severe respiratory infection. You should see a doctor and get a chest x-ray; you probably have bronchitis and/or pneumonia.

How to Make Your Own Upper Back Tattoos?

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How can i get rid of knots in my upper back?

Have you seen the teeter Hang Ups? It's an inversion table that you get on and helps with your back. My brother has one (he plays baseball) and uses it once a day or every other day. He says it ma... Read More »

My upper back hurts! What to do?

take a bubble bath and put some bath salts in thereit will losen up the muscles if the pain persists go see a doc, chiropractor, ask someone to give you a massage or rub with penicillin bars(make s... Read More »