What can I do to keep cats out of my flowerbeds?

Answer Outdoor cats can easily damage flowerbeds and can be a nuisance--regardless if it is your cat or your neighbor's. Felines can dig at the soil, urinate in the garden, chew on plants and bring fleas ... Read More »

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Will Landscape Stones Keep Away Chickens in Flowerbeds?

A landscaped flowerbed is very inviting to a flock of chickens. The soft soil encourages scratching for bugs and various plants provide a tasty snack. Chickens may also take a dust bath in the dirt... Read More »

What can I use to keep cats off of my lawn?

try sprinkling cyan pepper around the perimeter of your lawn and around where they poop and pee. When they start sniffing around, they'll get the it won't hurt them, just give them an unpl... Read More »

Cats keep using my garden as their public toilets. How can I keep them away without hurting them Any ideas?

Go to a pet store our shop online dirt is a product you sprinkle in the soil.

What is the best remedy to keep cats out of your garden?

Although I'm inclined to agree with "WHO am I?" I have to say that Shortstuff has the best remedy. Believe me it works. Every spring as I buy seeds for our garden, I buy a box of moth balls as wel... Read More »