What can I do to keep cats out of my flowerbeds?

Answer Outdoor cats can easily damage flowerbeds and can be a nuisance--regardless if it is your cat or your neighbor's. Felines can dig at the soil, urinate in the garden, chew on plants and bring fleas ... Read More »

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How deep should flowerbeds be?

In-ground flower beds should be as deep a reasonably possible, but are usually cultivated to a depth of 8 to 12 inches. Depending on the type of soil, this can be done by digging, turning, and brea... Read More »

How do I get rid of moles in my yard& flowerbeds?

Use Mole Traps to Get Rid of MolesSet Traps. The most effective way to rid your yard of moles is to use mole traps. Identify which tunnels the moles are using, and put the traps there. Most traps w... Read More »

How do I control weeds in flowerbeds?

RemovalChop weeds with a sharp hoe or pull weeds by hand early in the day when the soil is moist. Grab and remove weeds at the root to ensure no future regrowth or seed dispersion.HerbicideSpray re... Read More »

Will Landscape Stones Keep Away Chickens in Flowerbeds?

A landscaped flowerbed is very inviting to a flock of chickens. The soft soil encourages scratching for bugs and various plants provide a tasty snack. Chickens may also take a dust bath in the dirt... Read More »