What can I do to help my sons speech?

Answer Sorry, but I have to disagree with the folks who said to work on exercises and tongue placement yourself; you are not a speech pathologist! There are techniques that can really screw things up if y... Read More »

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Need help on sons finger?

The nail is going to come off. You can go to a doctor and have it removed, or let it come off on its own.I would suggest you soak the finger several times a day in warm epsom salt water. Apply so... Read More »

Help!!! My sons New iPhone 3G S got stolen in school?

you should report it stolen with your cell phone provider and let them know what happened. there may be a way of tracking it through their system

My sons 1st birthday party, May 5th.....Coming up quick!!! HELP!?

Planning a first birthday party can be difficult. For a one year old's party however it is best to keep it simple. The party is really for you than for the baby. I have a blog post on this very sub... Read More »

Worried mum has found blue tablets in sons bedroom can anyone help to identify them please!!!!!?