What can I do to help my pregnant teen friend?

Answer be there for her when no one else will....thts all u can do....

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How to Help a Pregnant Teen Friend?

Your friend is pregnant and she's scared? You want to help her going through this thing? Read on!

How to Comfort a Pregnant Teen Friend?

Finding out that she is pregnant can be an extremely rough, confusing and challenging time for a teenager. As her friend, the best thing that you can do is to be there for her, support her, and lif... Read More »

Your 13 year old friend just had sex and may be pregnant what can you do to help and support her?

Answer Encourage her to carry this baby to term and give it up for adoption so she can have a normal life and get her education. This baby would also have a chance at a normal life. Support her by... Read More »

Can a 17-year-old pregnant teen get section 8 help for an apartment?