What can I do to get pregnant faster?

Answer Trying to get pregnant can involve a lot of waiting--waiting for the right time in your menstrual cycle to have sex, waiting for your period to arrive (or not arrive), waiting for pregnancy test re... Read More »

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How to Get Pregnant Faster?

If you are trying to get pregnant, you may be well aware that it can take awhile. It's not usual for it to take women up to a year or more to get pregnant. There are some steps you can take to incr... Read More »

Are there any medications you can take to become pregnant faster?

Is your pulse rate faster when you are pregnant?

Answer It shouldn't be, no. What you may be experiencing is the awareness or you heart beat though, and mistaking it for a faster rate. Pregnancy causes an increase in blood volume and a dilation ... Read More »

Why is the computers here at the library so much faster than the mine at home what can i do to make it faster?

You probably let Spyware in, and have way to much just starting up at startup. First, go to and get this: Ad-aware Spybot Search & DestroyThen, go to RUN in your START menu... Read More »