What can I do to fix my computer when it has garbled script?

Answer The garbled script screen is known to appear on computers when there are hardware malfunctions. While this is something most people hope to never have happen, the inevitable truth is that most comp... Read More »

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What is a script error on a computer?

While surfing the Web it's not uncommon to encounter all sorts of unexpected alert messages. A script error is one of the most common, though it is nothing to fear.DefinitionA script error occurs w... Read More »

How do you turn Java Script on in a computer?

in Internet Explorer:go to its settings and search for javascript FireFox:same procedure......btw they are turned on by default........

How to Play Sound in a Computer Startup Script?

You can customize your Windows startup options so your computer plays a sound of your choosing when it boots up. To add a sound to the Windows startup options, the sound file must be in a .wav audi... Read More »

What was John's Sullivan job at the BBC when he submitted his first comedy script?

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