What can I do to eliminate bees& wasps?

Answer Locate the bee or wasp nest. They are often found under building eaves, inside walls, in tree hollows and other protected places.In the late evening, spray an aerosol insecticide for wasps and horn... Read More »

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How do you get rid of bees wasps and ant?

Twice a year I spray around the base of the house for ants/termites. As to bees/wasps you have to find where they are and spray for them. I myself am in detant. If the nest is not in a bad pla... Read More »

HELP! Bees/wasps underground!?

The nests in the ground are the the type that's easier to deal with.Pest control will deal with it, but depending on where you live you may have to pay them. But there are ways you can do it yourse... Read More »

How to Kill Bees & Wasps?

An electrifying pinch followed by a hot, red, angry welt is often a sign that a wasp or bee has stung you. For most people, the sting is painful for a short time and then eases. But for some people... Read More »

Bees versus Wasps Which is more evil?