What can I do to distract myself from eating?

Answer Find something you love to do! Learn a language, learn to crochet, go on a hike, read books, paint whats on your mind, write a book, watch a live theatre production, cover random things in colored ... Read More »

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What should I do to keep myself from eating junk food (10 p. For best answer)?

Carbs spike the hell out of your blood sugar when you eat them, causing an insulin spike, followed by a blood sugar crash, and voila! You are “hungry” again, even though you just ate!

How to restrain myself from eating for 4 days?

This is a cooking category, not the health section where this kind of question should be asked.Second, "cleansing" is a joke.Your body is self cleansing.Thats what your liver does, actually. And ki... Read More »

How do I stop myself from binge eating?

Binge eaters consume very large amounts of food, even when they are not hungry, and continue eating long after they are full. There are many facets to this disorder, one of which is an unhealthy pe... Read More »

How can I keep myself from eating unhealthy food :/?

Your mom isn't most likely not going to stop buying junk food. Trust me |: you need to keep your eyes on the prize though, trust me you'll be hooked on healthy stuff once you see the progress. In t... Read More »