What can I do to build a bigger butt?

Answer Eat junk food. And find someone to slap your ***. It works

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What exercises can you do for a bigger butt?

Some recommendations Get a personal trainer or pro advise and tell exactly what you want to achieve. Don't just ask the guy at the gym unless he is professionally graduated. If you plan it yourself... Read More »

What can girl do to get a bigger butt?

The size and proportions of your body part are controlled mostly by genetics. They will be the size they are intended to be. Attempting to change them can sometimes be helpful, particularly, if the... Read More »

What should you eat or drink to get a bigger butt?

Bigger Butt Here is advice and input from users: Any food with high levels of refined processed carbohydrate will get you a bigger butt but you will also get fatter in general. You may ... Read More »

What exercises will make my butt bigger?

the big ones are lunges and squats (if) you use proper form and go to the max. you don't even need to start out with weights, but you may want to add them in down the line.