What can I do stop stop my leg from scarring after a bad burn from 4 nights ago?

Answer My brother burnt himself badly when he little. He got a prescription for a medicine called Siladine (not sure of the spelling). He has NOT one trace of a scar!!!!!Several people I know have used ... Read More »

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How to Stop a Scab From Scarring?

A scab forms to help the body heal from a cut. It protects the area from dirt and bacteria which can make the injury worse. However, scabs can lead to scars. Prevent a scab from forming by helping ... Read More »

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How to get a burn to stop hurting?

Go to Walgreens and get a Silver sufiazine ointment it works really good

How to stop a burn getting infected?

Burns can leave the skin prone to infection and so you need to rinse the area with clean water. Pat dry with a sterile pad or leave to air dry which can be cleaner. Put on a STERILE non-stick dress... Read More »