What can I do if my computer has a virous?

Answer you shouldn't have a computer if you don't know anything about anti virus programs

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Due to virous the wallpaper of my computer can not chage back please tell me?

You must have a Virus Software on your computer to eliminate the virus.You should also have other software on your computer to eliminate Adware, and Spyware off of your computer I suggest you use S... Read More »

How would I know if my PC had virous?

Erratic behaviour, it running slow, Pop up's appearing all the time. Generally running different to how it use to be !! :)

I have the Hijack Virus redirectin virous>?

Read the advice I gave in this answer:;…

What computer did notch use to code minecraft or, what computer would run tekkit best.?

You obviously don't understand computers.... He used a complicated programming language named "Java" And for tekkit i would recommend a 350 400$ computer...