What can I do if I suspect a gas station is price gouging or price fixing?

Answer Buy stock in that particular Oil Company.

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Where do I report price gouging on home heating fuel?

Price gouging is handled state by state by the attorney general. Some states, such as Florida, have toll-free numbers to report price gouging. In Massachusetts, consumers can file complaints on the... Read More »

How do I Connect a Fisher Price Star Station?

Budding pop stars and actors will enjoy watching themselves sing and dance after you connect their Fisher-Price Star Station entertainment system to the TV or a DVD player. The station is a kid-fri... Read More »

How much is a good selling price for an ipod docking station?

A decent ipod docking station can be purchased for under a $100. dollars. They can purchased online or at local retailers where the shipping charge can be avoided.

Is it legal for a doctor to charge one price if a patient pre-pays and another price if insurance is billed?

%DETAILS% Answer I would seek legal counsel on this from someone who is familar with medical claims. In the meantime, do you have anything in writing from the hospital showing the agreed upon amou... Read More »