What can I do for my son's sunburn pain?

Answer Aloe soothes burns. Also, ibuprofen for the pain.

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My sister has a sunburn and it hurts temendesly, what can she do to relieve the pain?

What are some good ways to reduce the pain of a sunburn that is blistering?

This will sound strange to you... sponge down with vinegar, white distilled vinegar. It does two things. First, the acidity minimizes the risk of infection of the skin. Second it soothes and pro... Read More »

Sunburn pain...?

take a cool shower but not too cold.then put on aloe vera..lots of it.keep putting it on a couple of times a day. it will help the heat and pain and will prevent peeling.i also know Tylenol helps( ... Read More »

How to ease new sunburn pain?

Sudacreme. It cures angry red nappy rash on babies tender skin and will really ease your sun burn.