What can I do after 5 years of extreme back pain?

Answer I would recommend a consultation with a Pain Management doctor if you haven't already. There are some that can also offer alternative treatments like accupuncture.I am going to give you the link t... Read More »

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What does it mean to have extreme lower back pain and you can feel something moving around in your back?

I am not a doctor however pain in your lower back while pregnant can mean many things from labor, false labor, the baby pushing on a nerve, etc the best thing to do is see you doctor and if things ... Read More »

Extreme Knee Pain Should I go back to the hospital?

Yes i think it wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor first, then depending on his results , goto the hospital.

Extreme pain in arm after getting blood drawn?

I'm a phlebotomist and I draw blood every day. If there is extreme pain - you should definitely go back to your doctor. It is very rare but permanent damage can result in a blood draw. If she moved... Read More »

EXTREME foot pain after injury! Please help!?

You absolutely need an x-ray. Has all the makings and circumstance of a possible fracture (perhaps in calcaneus). Please get one ASAP. Urgent Care may be more reasonable for getting this done th... Read More »