What can I do about wilting flowers?

Answer A beautiful bouquet of cut flowers can instantly bring a smile to your face, especially if they were beauties cut from your own garden. While the flowers will eventually wilt, there are ways to pro... Read More »

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How to Perk Up Wilting Flowers?

This is a wilting flower!If you have a bunch of wilting flowers, you may want to perk them up. This method makes the flowers last roughly 24 to 72 hours longer.

How to Revive Wilting Flowers?

This is a quick fix that suits cut flowers nearing the end of their stay in your home. Roses are especially fond of this quick perk-me-up.

What are some facts about flowers?

Flowers have long been cherished by humans for their beauty and symbolism. Insects and other animals depend on them for food.Flower PartsThere are countless species and varieties of flowers, but th... Read More »

My Tomatoes Are Wilting & Rotting on the Vine - What Is Wrong?

Tomatoes are a favorite summertime plant in many gardens. While the flavorful juiciness of a ripe tomato often provides the motivation for growing these plants, certain conditions can cause mature ... Read More »