What can I do about a robin continually attacking it's own reflection on my sunrooms' many windows?

Answer Assumption is correct. Seasonal hormonal increase has ramped up the aggressive territorialism. It feeds on itself too. Bird's feathers will actually ruffle, and that will be reflected by perceived ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of a robin that keeps attacking a picture window?

He's sees his reflection and thinks it's another male. Since it's mating season, he's trying to chase that guy out of HIS territory!Placing things on the inside of the glass don't change the refle... Read More »

The Best Floors for Sunrooms?

When it comes to selecting the best flooring for a sunroom, the possibilities seem to be infinite. For sunrooms, floors can create more impact than in other standard rooms, especially if large wind... Read More »

Are manufactured sunrooms subject to property taxes?

On One Hand: Yes, They AreAccording to the California State Board of Equalization, all additions to property are subject to property tax. You must report all improvements to your home in order to a... Read More »

Who played robin in the movie batman and robin?

If you are referring to the Batman and Robin from 1997, then it was Chris O'Donell