What can I do, Alcohol doesn't give me a Buzz anymore and It feels bad?

Answer You have built up a tolerance to alcohol. If you want to be a lightweight again, give up the booze for a year or so.Most people want a decent tolerance. You are the first one I have ever heard that... Read More »

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What do you do when you've gotten to the Stage where Alcohol doesn't give you a Buzz Anymore?

I'm a fairly regular drinker (though usually not to excess). On average, I have a drink 4 days in every week, and my tolerance to it is very high. I found by experimentation that if I'm abstinent... Read More »

What do you do when you don't Get a Buzz from Alcohol anymore?

Just start drinking shots on a empty stomach or start mixing your liquor

In the latest buzz does Noah tell Rebecca how he really feels about her?

He tells Michael how he feels in The Fakeout Issue and Michael acts as his wingman. He tells Wilder in The Wizard of Buzz Issue where he also plans to tell Rebecca, but realizes she needs his help ... Read More »

My delete*(Backspace) key doesnt't work anymore, Pl please help!?

are you using a laptop or a PC? if Laptop you need it to be repaired. go to a local computer shop and ask them what they'll do about the keypad. If its from a PC (keyboard that removable thing lol)... Read More »