What can I cover a burn with?

Answer Cover burns with a dry, sterile dressing. Try to keep the burn away from heat source. If its a bad burn and will affect the way you work, then you should call in sick

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How do i cover something up on a video with sony vega platinum 10 i want to cover my license plate with a pic?

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Are you supposed to cover a burn?

It is best to cover burns from the sun because the heat can irritate it and make it hotter. But you don't have to cover it when your in shade.

Is it ok to put hydrogen peroxide on rug burn if you have scrapes along with the friction burn?

No, don't put hydrogen peroxide on it. That will damage tissue. Wash it with liquid antibacterial soap if you have any mixed with warm water, or just plain soap and water. Dry it gently, and app... Read More »

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