What can I color frosting with to decorate cakes?

Answer Decorating cakes and cupcakes with plain white frosting leaves you with desserts that taste good but aren't appealing to the eye. Bakers use coloring gels, liquids and other products to create the ... Read More »

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How to Decorate Cakes With Fresh Fruit?

Fresh fruit adds bright color and a healthy touch to any cake. Once you apply any kind of icing, your creativity is your only limit in deciding which fruits to use and what kind of design to make. ... Read More »

How to Decorate Cakes With Crystallized Violets?

One way to add glamour and elegance to a wedding or other special event cake is by enhancing it with edible flowers. Violets, which feature a lush purple color and a sweet flavor, are among the han... Read More »

Types of Frosting for Cakes?

While most cakes are delicious on their own, adding a frosting or icing makes a cake irresistible. Frostings come in various forms and are used depending on the occasion. Wedding cakes typically ha... Read More »

How to Decorate Cakes for a Living?

Decorating cakes is a fun and creative way to earn a living. Many cake decorators work from home, while others work for a bakery. This means that becoming a cake decorator could allow you to have a... Read More »