What can 13 year olds drive?

Answer Anything they want as long as it is on private property.

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Can 13 year olds drive a vehicle with a licensed driver as practice in california?

No, for YOU yourself do not possess a license and the driver of the vehicle must have in their possession a valid driver's license.Mom's DL does not offer a shiled of protection for you

Babysitting 2 3 year olds and a 5 year old! fun activity suggestions?

cutting ut fall shapes like pumpkins and drawing faces n them, cutting out leafs and colering them using kids scissrs. that way they learn fine moder skills and they can learn there colers.

Do you think that 16year olds are too young to drive?

if they are good enough to work alongside an adult doing the same work for the same pay then why not treat them as such and as for a car being heavy machinery bah what a joke i drive trucks for a l... Read More »

Is this too much sex for 16 year olds?

well dont try to be like them having so many different partners puts them more at risk for STDs and how much sex they have is a personal choice i wouldnt say its too much but i dont think its a goo... Read More »