What cameras work with Windows Movie Maker?

Answer What can and can't be imported to WMM isn't decided by the camera brand, but what format the recorded clips are:Supported formats for importing content * Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmv * Movie... Read More »

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Does HD video work with windows live movie maker on windows 8?

yes movie maker can handle HD. rest of it totally depends on your cpu speed.but you are doing something wrong here, you are willing to buy a professional device to do professional work on youtube a... Read More »

How to Work With Different Versions of Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7?

Windows Movie Maker is not bundled with Windows 7 like it is with Windows Vista and Windows XP. Windows Movie Maker 2.6 can be downloaded from the web. But it does not have all of the features of W... Read More »

Does Dazzle DVC 80 work with Windows Movie Maker?

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80, or DVC 80, is a USB device used for capturing video from a television, VCR or other digital video device. Video that is recorded using the DVC 80 can be used an... Read More »

Does the Dazzle DVC 80 work with Windows Movie Maker?

The Dazzle DVC 80 USB input connector works with the video editing and production program Windows Movie Maker. This connector features several inputs including S-Video, component video and audio an... Read More »