What cameras are recommended for an independent filmmaker?

Answer Most professional small format cameras are under 10lbs - including the HD models. The CMOS systems can be as light as 4lbs or less - like our Sony HVR-V1U. We can easily carry this camera around ... Read More »

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What Camcorder should an Independent Filmmaker with no money buy?

You get nothing for nothing, and this is very true when you start to talk about video. A very good cheap camera (secondhand) would be something like a canon XL1s or XL2, an XL1 you would be able to... Read More »

What's the best video camera an independent filmmaker can find for less than $600 highest quality possible?

The Panasonic PV-GS500 is a fine piece of equipment: it offers great control, excellent video quality, and broad operational flexibility. And although it’s at the high end of the feature scale, i... Read More »

If you know your cameras/camcorders, what is the best for an amateur filmmaker?

What is the recommended humidity for cameras?

Normally you should be able to reformat the card in your camera. If the camera does not recognize the card at all when the card is plugged in, then something else is wrong.The below listed related ... Read More »