What camera/effect can i use to make my pictures like this **PICS**?

Answer I don't know why people think that special effects were used when a photo has a white balance flaw.The first looks like the white balance was set for shade but shot in bright sun. Doing that, caus... Read More »

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How to get my scanned pics in the file 'my pictures'?

What do you mean by 'It was saved in Adobe reader' ?Adobe reader tries to open it?The adobe reader folder?Look in which folder the scanned picture is.Then drag it to your 'My pictures' folder.As lo... Read More »

Where do I find pictures like these. have 4 pics with captions (funny)?

When i search up pics on Google Images only little pages come up no pictures!!!!!!?

Try a different browser. Chrome should have all the apps you need to see their images.

Using scanner for ebay pictures Can i scan sewing pattern pics on someone else's puter and send to me ?

Yes. Or yu can just upload them from her computer. Try using Xdrive and the plug in the allows the computer to access it like a drive on your computer. That way you load them to your Xdive account ... Read More »