What camera should I get for making movies at home?

Answer If you're wanting to produce something close to pro or filmic footage. You'll need a decent camera that'll cost you $4000 and up depending on the camcorder and the extras you'll need with it, like ... Read More »

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Tips on Making Home Movies on DVD Camcorders?

Any suggestion of watching home movies fills most people with dread. Myrtha Chang of Simple Video Editing explains that "Home videos are usually long and boring" and recommends that you should "ma... Read More »

What is a good camera for making amateur movies, and has an external microphone jack?

A Year ago I would recommend a miniDV.Today I am undecided. believe You should choose a HD camcorder with a hard disk if You work with a PC.Many regular camcorders have a mini stereo mic jack and a... Read More »

Can you make videos from a home movie camera look like professionally done movies?

There are lots of things to know...1) Understand the limitations and capabilities of the camera.This was all shot on a cellphone:…2) Video is only part of... Read More »

Can I record my movies on DVD to an external hard drive then connect that to my dish network vip722k DVR to create a home library of all my movies?

You can ask for anything. If the landlord approved the dish at some point, he can't now ask to have it removed. If he did not give permission, then he probably can.