What camera is being used to film this video?

Answer If you are referring to the camera that you can actually get a decent freeze frame on at 00:51.00, that is a Nalcom FTL 1000 Synchro Zoom Super8 film (not video) camera. Read More »

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What is the used camera in this video?

It could probably be new for all we know but it doesn't matter. Buying exactly the same camera doesn't guarantee getting exactly the same results. Picture and video qualities mostly depend on user ... Read More »

Where can i get the camera he used in this video?

Probably Fry's Electronics or Radio Shack.

If you connect your video camera to the tv and you film the tv what do you see?

What is the best video camera to use for short film?

What is your budget?The moving image is only a part of the whole system.Planning, storyline, content, lighting, makeup, hair, wardrobe, lighting, location selection, talent, audio, editing and LOTS... Read More »